Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm getting old...

This past weekend was my birthday, I'm a 7/11 convenience store baby. haha. I didn't do anything too exciting, just hung out with Josh and went out to eat with my family. We went out to Panera and I got the you mix 2 with the new Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil salad (which is definitely my new favorite) with the Turkey Artichoke Panini (which I saved for lunch the next day). After Panera we got ice cream at a local dairy and it was delicious! I got a mix of german chocolate and pistachio.
I also went to the Casino with Josh to try and win some money, but we were unsuccessful :( However there was a really good sushi place at the casino where we had dinner. We split 2 rolls, the crunchy california roll and the philadelphia roll. Both were awesome. Notice how I have no pictures from this weekend. Someone forgot her camera, oops!
After my fun and relaxing weekend, the rest of the week has been kind of blah so far. I'm dog sitting so I'm keeping myself busy with a chocolate lab and a black lab puppy. The puppy is cute but I have to keep a constant eye on her because she wants to chew on everything! Plus, she is still not completely potty trained so I have to make sure she doesn't go inside. Needless to say it's keeping me busy.
Although I did come up with one delicious idea for breakfast. I call it the Banana Mcgriddle. To make I followed these directions:
1) Whisk together 1 egg (or 1/4c. EggBeaters), pinch of vanilla extract, dash of apple pie spice, and some ff milk.
2) Dunk a whole wheat english muffin in the mix and place on a hot griddle (~450 F)
3) While this is cooking, mash 1 banana with a tbsp of brown sugar and microwave for ~30sec
4) Remove the English muffin halves from the griddle after they have both browned
5) Place the banana mixture over one english muffin half and top with the other to make a sandwich.
6) Top with natural maple syrup.

This was phenomenal! So good. Definitely a great twist on traditional french toast. I liked it so much I made it two days in a room. I probably would have made it again today but I ran out of bananas :(

For breakfast today I just had some oatmeal mixed with chia seeds, blueberries, almond slices, almond extract, and ff milk. Then I topped it with a little Barenaked granola. On the side I had some fresh berries that I got on sale yesterday. I love that it is finally raspberry season! I stocked up on both black and red ones. I froze a bunch and I think I'm gonna go back to the grocery store again this week to stock up on more. They are only about $1 for a container which is a great deal.
Well now it's time for me to study a bit for my mid-term. Boy do I dislike summer classes. My brain just does not like having to memorize countless facts during this time of the year. Maybe a cup of coffee will help give it a boost :)

Happy day!

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