Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love visitors :)

Yesterday was an exceptionally good day. This is because Josh came to visit! He was coming around dinner time so I wanted to try a new dish. I made breaded chicken nuggets and some instant roasted garlic red potatoes (I grew up on instant potatoes so to me these are the real thing haha). To make the chicken nuggets I cut to chicken breasts into about 1-2 in. pieces. In a zip-bloc bag I combined ~1/2 c. bread crumbs, ~ 2 tbsp. parmesan cheese, and some montreal chicken seasoning. Then I dipped the chicken in EggBeaters and then tossed them in the bag. After they were coated in their breading I cooked them at 400 for 15 min, flipping halfway. I have to say they were a success because I loved them!

After dinner it was just some hanging out and trying to stay cool with the temperature remaining at like 80 into the night.

This morning I said good-bye to Josh and then slept just a little longer. For breakfast I needed something cool. So I made a yogurt bowl. It contained: 1 strawberry Chobani, strawberries, Special K granola, and some melted chunky pb and honey. Wow this totally hit the spot!

Then it was off to be productive. For lunch I had a wrap with deli turkey, laughing cow garlic and herb, topped with a mixture of lettuces and carrots, along with a couple pita chips and pine nut hummus. I think this is my new favorite kind of hummus :) I ate on the go so no photos.

After relaxing for a bit I headed off to the gym for a little elliptical and aerobics. Definitely a good sweat session. The temperature definitely helps incase my sweating dramatically, therefore I need to drink more water. For some reason I forget to drink as much as a should in the heat, I really need to work on that.

When I got back from the gym I warmed up my leftovers from last night.. chicken nuggets with some ketchup...

Mashed Potatoes topped with some ff cheddar...

and carrot sticks and light ranch...

Along with 2 glasses of Country Time lemonade. If any drink reminds me of summer days in my childhood it is this lemonade. It just tastes like summer :)

Now its time to relax a bit more before bed because I have another early day tomorrow. So glad it's almost the weekend!

FYI this is my new favorite song of the week.

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