Sunday, May 16, 2010

On to another week...

So I have been MIA a couple of days because I was off playing nanny. Well not really playing because I was actually watching kids :) It was a busy yet fun couple of days. However, while I am babysitting my food is not very creative. In fact I think I ate almost the same thing for the past couple of days. This would be Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some dried mixed fruit and almonds with milk for breakfast, Chobani yogurt with berries and granola for lunch, and a turkey sandwich on sourdough with laughing cow cheese and spinach for dinner. Plus some snacks of peanut butter pretzels and string cheese through out the day. Meals with kids are tough. Especially when the kids are VERY picky eaters. Therefore, its a lot easier to keep meals simple but healthy.

Today however I was back to the usual breakfast of oats. In this combination was 3/4. c old fashioned oats, 3/4 c. strawberries, pinch of sugar and vanilla, crushed cocoa roasted almonds, and Almond breeze unsweetened vanilla milk. I love me some oats!

After breakfast I went on a 3 mile run on a trail by my house. It was a beautiful day outside so I was glad to be able to get out an enjoy it. Not long after I got back from my run it was time for lunch. I made yet another turkey sandwich, seems to be kind of a trend. This one was on an Thomas everything bagel thin with light swiss Laughing Cow cheese, dijon mustard, and spinach. Plus some carrots with hummus on the side.
The afternoon consisted of some cleaning and getting some reading done for a class I have to take tomorrow to get ServSafe certification. Its an all day class that starts around 7:30 am. Its going to be a long day because afterwards I have to babysit. However, being busy keeps me on my toes and I like that :)
Dinner tonight was simple yet delish. I made some penne and while that was cooking sauteed some spinach with 1 garlic clove. Then I combined the two and put pesto on top and some part-skim mozzarella cheese. Pesto on pasta is seriously amazing!

After dinner I decided to again take advatage of the beautiful weather since I knew I was going to be stuck inside all day tomorrow. I went for a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Although I somehow still managed to work up a sweat. Now its time to finally relax for the evening and hopefully get to bed early so I am energized and ready to go tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Summer is a time for fresh fruit and vegetables; however sometimes this produce can be covered with harmful chemicals. Some vegetables you are better off buying organic so you don't have to deal with the chemicals. Check out this link to see which veggies and fruits you should be weary of:

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