Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Monday

Well since I am officially on summer vacation, Monday has become no different then any other day. Yesterday was a relaxing day as well. I started the day off with a bowl of old fashioned oats, 1 banana, walnuts, pinch of vanilla and sugar, and topped with vanilla almond milk.

Next I went on a little shopping adventure. I ended up getting this really cool picture and frame for 90% off because the glass was missing. That's something that can easily be replaced so I was quite happy with my bargain. In fact the picture is already hanging on my wall. After shopping I was starving so I came home and ate the last of my bacon asparagus pasta along with the leftover asparagus. (leftover asparagus not pictured because I chowed down on it while the pasta was heating)

Then I finished cleaning and organizing my apartment. Nothing like some late spring cleaning :). Then since it was cold out I wasn't going to go for a run so I started doing a yoga DVD, however I really had the urge to run (which is rare for me since I usually have to force myself) so I bared the cold and went on a 30 min run. After that it was time to get cleaned up and cook some dinner. I wasn't in the mode to cook really so I has some carrots and hummus with a wiener wing (which is a slice of whole wheat bread, topped with a slice of ff cheese, and a turkey hotdog). The wiener wing is assembled and then cooked at ~350 F for 10 minutes or until the bread starts to brown and the cheese melts.

Definitely a meal that makes me feel like a kid again because my elementary cafeteria is where "wiener wings" were introduced to me. Then to finish off dinner I made a small smoothie with a Stoneyfield fruit on the bottom yogurt and some frozen berries and vanilla almond milk. mmmm it was delish!

After that I did some reading for a one-day class I have to take next Monday and relaxed with a movie. Definitely a good was to end a Sunday night.

Now off to see what Monday will bring!

Tip of the day: Try to eliminate some sugar in your diet. Research is now finding that processed sugars may also lead to high cholesterol :( Sugar is my one food I have problems with. I love everything sweet! However, I'm trying to choose items with less sugar like plain yogurts instead of flavored. Hopefully soon I won't even miss that added sugar.

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