Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

First of all Happy Earth day :) Gotta love the awesome place that we all live in. However we really do need to start taking better care of it. Here are 10 ways that I try to help save our planet:
1) Use reusable grocery bags when I go shopping
2) Recycle plastic and glass containers that food comes in
3) Use tubberware instead of plastic baggies when packing my lunch or snacks
4) Wash my clothes in cold water to use less energy
5) Recycle my magazines and newspapers
6) Use a re-fillable water bottle
7) Take old clothes and items I don't want anymore to goodwill
8) Walk to places that are within walking distance when it's nice outside (and not dark)
9) Turn off all lights when I leave the room
10) Open windows and use fans instead of air conditioning

Anybody else have some good earth day tips on how to be green?

So this morning started off with a big bowl of oatmeal, which is usually what my breakfast consists of.

After that I did a few last minutes of studying before my test. Then I headed off to campus, of course I walked since it is Earth day and it is a beautiful day outside. Perfect spring weather.

After my test I came home and finished up my two projects and presentations that are due this afternoon. While I was doing this I had a cup of chi tea (my favorite drink every, definitely one of my comfort foods) and a pumpkin muffin that I had stashed in my freezer, I think I only have one left now from the 2 dozen I made.

After I was done doing work I made lunch around 1:30pm. I made a huge delicious salad for lunch consisting of spinach, carrots, radishes, broccoli sprouts, dried snap peas, a sprinkle of cheese and some light ranch. Yum.

Then for dessert I had 2 clementines. I don't really like oranges, but clementines are delicious! I think because they are little and cute I like them better. Plus they are easier to peel and don't make my hands as sticky.

Now time to wash dishes and get ready for my presentation. Oh I can't wait for this school day to be over, because then all that's left is finals!!

Healthy tip of the day, it's earth be green and eat green :)

It's the day before the day before the weekend!

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  1. We love that Chai tea mix, that stuff is amazing!