Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too Hot

Now that it's summer I think the weather decided to step it up a notch. These high 80s-90s are making me sweat, and making me wish I had air conditioning. But I will survive. That's what things like popsicles and smoothies are for. Basically that's all I want to eat because they are cold and delicious :)

However dinner last night was definitely a summer meal. It included a salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, and some feta.

Accompanied my tomato mozzarella chicken sausage on a sandwich thin, which mustard and ketchup of course.

Later that night I may have made a smoothie just to help cool me off. But it sure did the trick, along with tasting delicious. It included: 2c. spinach, 1 frozen banana, handful of coca roasted almonds, ~1 cup vanilla almond milk, and plenty of ice cubes. Yum.

This morning I was in the mood for chocolate and I needed to use up my strawberries. Therefore Chocolate chip pancakes were in order. I just used the Bisquick Heart Smart mix, added in a few chocolate chips, and topped with strawberries and strawberry syrup.

I love when I have time to cook something different for breakfast in the morning. After breakfast it was time for errands and shoe shopping. I really needed to get a new pair of running shoes. My old ones were starting to hurt my feet. And I was successful as I found a pair in the sale bin at DSW that were comfy and not too ugly. haha. While I know that how the shoe feels is the most important part, I still can't make myself walk around in ugly shoes. Hopefully this pair I got will work just great. I will have to test them out this weekend when I go on my next run. After shopping it was lunch time. I wasn't feeling too creative so I just made a turkey dog on whole wheat with a slice of cheese, corn on the cob, and some white cheddar cheesz-its.

This lunch was followed up with a mango popsicle. I love the Whole Fruit bars. They are one of my favorite summer time treats.
Now the rest of the afternoon is going to consist of some cleaning and organizing and then it will be time to hit the gym for some aerobics.

Happy Day before the Day before the weekend :)

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