Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is Officially Here :)

So yesterday was the first day of summer, even though I have been celebrating summer since classes ended at the end of April, it is now official. In honor of the season I decided to make a breakfast that I have been craving for awhile, french toast! I sliced up some of the sourdough loaf I had leftover from dinner the other night. Then I dipped the slices in 1/4 c. egg beaters, ~1/4 c. vanilla almond milk, pinch of vanilla extract, and plenty of cinnamon. Next I cooked them on my griddle for about ~2 min. per side. After I took them off the griddle I put a thin layer of ff cream cheese on each slice and then topped it with freshly cut strawberries. For the finishing touch I drizzled it with strawberry syrup.

Yum. This was some of the best french toast I have ever made and I highly recommend trying it. It puts a little spin on typical french toast but yet it's not anymore time consuming, definitely worth it :)

After breakfast I enjoyed the summer sun by going for a half hour run and doing some errands. For lunch I just enjoyed a leftover greek salad (Dole salad greens, red. fat feta, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives with oil and vinegar dressing)....

...and some linguine and tomato sauce topped with ff parm.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and then it was off to a baseball game. Definitely a great tradition to start off the summer with! At the game I enjoyed a soft pretzel with mustard that was calling my name. I didn't get home til late because the game ended up being a nail biter at the end. However when I got home I decided that I should eat a little more than a pretzel for dinner so I had some kiwi topped with plain yogurt, some pomegranate infused dried cranberries, with a touch of honey.

Then I had an ear of corn on the cob, because it was in the fridge and it was calling my name so I microwaved it up. After my eats it was time for bed.

Today for breakfast I enjoyed my same strawberry-cream cheese french toast while watching the Bachelorette. I am in love with this season. The two hour episodes past by way too quickly! However, now it's time to try and be a little bit productive. It's kinda gray and cloudy outside so I think its time to get working on some scrapbooks :)

Happy Tuesday!

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