Sunday, May 22, 2011


 This weekend consisted of a spontaneous trip to Philly. My friend and I decided at the last minute yesterday to make the trip down to Philly for the evening, and it was definitely worth it! The weather was finally warm and sunny and walking around the city at night was lots of fun. I'm glad that we decided to be spontaneous!

We started the night at Devil's Alley Bar and Grille. We all split the nacho appetizer, which wasn't bad but I could have used some more guac since I'm in love with that stuff. Next we wondered around a bit before heading Fado, which was an irish pub. We spent the majority of the night here and the DJ was quite good including songs from Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA) to Britney Spears ('Til the World Ends), plus lots of other good songs that are fun to sing and dance to. All in all it was a fun night, especially since the weather held up and there was not a drop of rain.

Today before I left the city my friends and I went to Ants Pants Cafe. This was a small cafe serving Australian based food. If you ever go there I highly recommend you order the sweet potato fries. They were phenomenal! My friends and I got an order of those to share and completely dominated them. Then for my order I got the brekkie platter, which consisted of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and brioche. Everything was delicious and the prices and portions were definitely reasonable. Also before getting on the train I made a pit stop at Trader Joe's! I love this store. The few things I picked up were organic bananas, habanero wraps, and two bean pouches which I'm excited to try out this week.
The trip home wasn't as fun as the trip there because the spontaneous anticipation was gone. However, the night out in Philly was definitely worth it. Back to the week day grind tomorrow!
Hope everyone else had a glorious weekend as well :)

Anybody else do anything spontaneous?

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