Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Loving the snow day! Definitely going to use today to relax and catch up on somethings. Since I had some extra time this morning I made something for breakfast that I saw on another blog. It's called apricot vanilla porridge. I made a few modifications to the recipe, like adding a Bob Red Mill's Grain mix instead of oats and barley, I added vanilla extract instead of a vanilla bean, and I added ground flax instead of oat bran. Oh I also cooked mine with 1 C. milk and 1 C. water. I like my porridge to be creamy, which is why I added the milk. It definitely turned out good! I topped it with walnuts, honey, frozen berries, peanut butter, and granola. Yum :)

Well I'm off to enjoy the day, hopefully everyone else is enjoying the snow and staying safe!

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  1. Totally missed that apricot vanilla porridge post by eatliverun! I will have to try it out :)