Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Food Blog

I just discovered the food blog world in the spring. I never knew that anything like this existed, and once I found it, I was hooked. I wanted to keep reading about other people's recipes so that I could find new recipes to try. However, then I realized that I could do this too. I could be a food blogger.
I'm currently going to school to get my Master's in nutrition and completing my internship to be a Registered Dietitian. I love going to school for what I love, learning about different aspects of food and how food affects people and our society. I think in a way food blogging provides that same information to people, it teaches people about food and it shows you people's perspectives regarding food. I love that there is this vast amount of information right at your finger tips.
I hope that through my food blog people can learn to make new recipes, learn a little bit about healthy eating, and learn that food should be fun.
I know there are lots of other food bloggers out there who have more experience or more time to commit to there blog, but I'm just beginning my journey. I am just starting out on my own experience with food. My schedule may not allow for daily posts, but I post when I can because blogging is the perfect hobby. It's an outlet to a world where I don't have to turn in weekly assignments, I don't have to write in a specific format, it's a place where I can just be me. I hope that you will follow my journey and I promise I will give you recipes to try and hopefully inspire you to create some of your own. Like I said before, food is fun. That's why blogging about it is so entertaining, and that's hopefully what will keep you reading.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I know that I am :)


  1. Good luck with the contest! And congrats on a beautiful blog ♥

  2. Great entry :) Good luck with PFB...