Sunday, August 8, 2010

How did people do it?

How did people live without internet I mean. I was away on vacation for a week in a world without internet. While it was nice to just enjoy my time with my friends and hanging out on the beach in the back of my mind I was itching to get to a computer just to check my e-mail, or even just for the sake of being on-line. I felt so disconnected. I think I need to limit myself from the internet so that when I am away from it I don't miss it. The internet is a HUGE part of our lives in today's world, and yes it is a good thing, however it should not control our lives. Anyways, I'm now back in the internet world so here are my eats from today.

This morning I started with some oats in a jar. A nutella jar that is :) I was definitely in the mood for some chocolate this morning. So I combined 1/2 c. oats, ~1/2 c. milk, dash of vanilla extract, and 1 tbsp of chia seeds. I then microwaved this for 1 min 30 sec. Then I added a spoonful of plain Dannon yogurt, some dried cherries, and coconut.
Delish. Then it was time for me to get my clean on, and I now have an almost spotless kitchen and bathroom along with a re-arrange living room. Very productive if I do say so myself. For lunch I made myself a grilled turkey hummus sandwich. I used two pieces of Arnold's bread, topped with Atheno's artichoke hummus, 1 slice ff american cheese, and some baby spinach. Then I put this in my sandwich griller and it got all warm and toasty.

I'm never tried hummus on a grilled sandwich before and I'll have to say it was pretty good. I will definitely be trying this again. I also had some un-pictured carrot sticks with my sandwich. The rest of the afternoon consisted of some more productivity and errands. Then for dinner I made this spinach pasta bake. I pretty much followed the recipe expect for a few changes, I halved it, I used all ff cheeses, and I used a different pasta sauce just because it was the only one I had.
I'll have to say it came out pretty good but it was a little too hot of a dish for this warm weather. I was almost sweating while eating it. I'll have to save those kind of dishes for cooler days. I also had a small sad salad with my pasta made from a bag iceberg lettuce mix with some tomatoes and a little light ranch.

Now the rest of the night is going to be spent relaxing and then hopefully early to bed so I can get up early tomorrow to finish up a presentation for my class.

Have a good night!

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