Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days of Healthy Holiday Eating: Day #2

On the second day of Christmas, my dietitian told me…

Don't to forget about exercise!

In all of the hustle and bustle associated with Christmas Eve and Christmas day, it is easy to forget about the need to have physical activity. Because gyms and activity centers may be closed, activity will have to be done at home. It is a great idea to get physical activity done early in the day. The exercise will give you an energy boost and it has been shown to be a stress reducer, both of which will be beneficial for your entire day. Shoot for half an hour to an hour of physical activity each day. Here are some great activities that you can do right at home:

  • Shovel the sidewalk for your guests
  • Shovel the sidewalk for any of the elderly or disabled on your block as a gift from you
  • Build a snowman with your children or your friends
  • Take a brisk walk and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery that comes with the Holidays
  • Have a snowball fight, chasing all of your opponents around the yard
  • Sign up for a local 5k Christmas run or run your own 5K around the neighborhood
  • Go ice skating at a local rink
  • Go Snowboarding or Skiing with friends or family
  • Go sled riding or tubing
There are so many fun forms of activity associated with the winter that you should be able to keep your work out interesting and intriguing. So next time you are feeling the stress of the holidays and need to relax take 30 min to exercise to get your endorphins pumping.

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